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Welcome to Southern Woods & Sugarmill Woods

December 13, 2018
I would like to take this moment to say thank you to all the entire Staff for all their hard work and endless hours put in during the 2018 Men's Member Guest. The Event was a huge success! Great job!!! To the Men's Member Guest Committee it was all the meetings over the entire summer, coming up with all the activities for all the participants, making sure all the details were covered, and then going out to all the local businesses to make sure that we had enough sponsorships to make this event all it is. Thank you!!! Your efforts did not go unnoticed, as this was the best Member Guest!!! Finally, I would like to thank all the Members and their Guest for participating in this great event!! It is you and your guest that make putting this event on so special!! Thank you for your participation.
With the busy Season in full swing, and the membership growing, there are a few items we need to cover to help us to make sure everyone's day at the club enjoyable. First of all, we ask that all those who are in charge of their games that they make only the tee-times they are going need. We understand that sometimes people get called out of town, get sick or just can't play that day. Please call and cancel the extra tee-time as early as possible, so the pro shop staff will be able to fill that time. Your cooperation on this matter is greatly appreciated and needed. Secondly, as we continue to grow and get busier the pace of play will continual to be a topic of conversation. Here are a few things you and your group can't do to help with the pace of play.
Member and their guests should play READY GOLF, to ensure everyone's day at the club is enjoyable. So here are a few helpful hints:
1. Be at ball, ready to hit when it's your turn.
2. Set time target for round: 4 hours or less at both Sugarmill Woods and Southern Woods.
3. Mark ball's flight with a background object.
4. Note distance, yardage, wind, and obstructions BEFORE reaching ball.
5. Think about club selection BEFORE reaching ball.
6. Take 2 or 3 clubs to ball.
7. Limit practice swings to odd lies. Let one practice swing do.
8. Start moving toward the ball immediately after it's hit.
10. Limit search for lost balls to five minutes. Hit provisional ball before searching (Rule 27).
11. Consider other options for unplayable lie besides returning to spot of previous stroke (rule 28).
12. Invite others through when back up develops or hole opens up ahead.
Remember it only takes ONE person to make everyone's day at the golf course less than enjoyable. We need everyone's help, so everyone can enjoy this tremendous facility to the fullest.
With 2018 coming to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank every member for your support and participation in all we attempt to do at the clubs to make it better and is what makes our clubs the best!! THANK YOU!
Heading into 2018, it will become very, very important to increase the membership levels. Social members, family full golf memberships and all the membership in between - it will be our goal to increase them all. No matter what happens or what we do as a club going forward, our best form of promotions is the membership. It is the members who welcome new homeowners into our neighborhoods, and we need all members inviting these new residents of our community out to dine, play golf, play tennis or just talk about all the fun things we do at the club. This is one of the most important ways of promotion. It speaks more to potential members than anything we can do at the club. All of the members have been extremely involved in promoting our clubs in the past and I know that will not change because all of you love these clubs as much as we do. I'm just asking all of you to keep up the great and positive promotions of our clubs. THANK YOU for all you do!!!
The Sugarmill Woods Golf Shop will be open till 12:00 pm on December 24th and will be CLOSED ALL DAY December 25th.
The Southern Woods Golf Shop will be open till 12:00 pm on December 24th and will be CLOSED ALL DAY on December 25th. January 1st, 2018 at Southern Woods will be hosting the Hangover Open. For additional information, please check the bulletin board at Southern Woods or the Pro shop for additional information.
I would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to Mike and Nancy Theodore for all the years they have planned and ran the Hangover Open. It has become a huge annual event for everyone to enjoy and get rid of their hangovers. Thank you for all you do to make the club a fun place for all members and guest. Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!
Rick Kelso
General Manager
Sugarmill Woods Country Club
Southern Woods Golf Club

Welcome to Sugarmill Woods Country Club & Southern Woods Golf Club

All initiation fees are being waived until further notice!!! 

   Members of Sugarmill Woods Country Club and Southern Woods Golf Club have access to 45 holes of golf in Sugarmill Woods, a golfing community on the West Coast of Florida. Located in Homosassa, Florida, the club also offers members, for a limited time, access to 45 holes of golf at World Woods Golf Club a few miles away in Hernando County. In addition, membership and greens fees are a much better value than those at any golf or country club in the vicinity. For those who fancy other forms of physical activity, the Oak Village Sports Complex offers tennis, along with pool and fitness. Residents of all ages and all walks of life are welcome in Sugarmill Woods and all are eligible to become members and avail themselves of these amenities.

  Situated in Citrus County three miles from the Gulf of Mexico, Sugarmill Woods is a piece of Old Florida in a rural community, with a deed-restricted, open-age community comprised of three villages populated by more than 9,000 residents. There are more than 4,000 homes and an additional 4,000 site-ready lots available for people seeking refuge from the cold and snow of the North or those seeking a new home in an area rich with Southern hospitality. People who live here call Sugarmill Woods a best place to retire, as well as a best place to raise a family.

  Each village has a Property Owner’s Association, which has responsibility for internal affairs such as resident adherence to deed restrictions. Membership in the POAs is mandatory, but the annual fee is minimal: $150 or less. There is also a civic association, which represents the three villages in external affairs and interacts with county and state officials on matters that affect the community, such as proposed new roadways, water regulations, etc. Membership in this group is optional, but the annual fee is only $15.00.

  The natural greenbelts that back up to nearly every home, and the rural setting of this suburban-type community are just two of the many things that draw people to this little slice of Paradise. Property taxes are a fraction of what they are in northern states and there is no state income tax. Here, they find some of the best-value homes and best-value golf in the country.

  And when they’re not golfing, swimming, playing tennis, or at the fitness center, residents have the option of fishing, boating or kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico or any of the seven rivers nearby, as well as many other outdoor activities along the Nature Coast. For their cultural, fine-dining, sports, and entertainment desires, the one- or two-hour drive to Tampa or Orlando can satisfy the most discriminating tastes. In Sugarmill Woods they’ll have the best of both worlds: a community in a rural setting with close access to many parts of Florida that reflect a time reminiscent of the 20th Century that boasts low crime, low taxes, and comparatively low living expenses, as well as easy access to big-city amenities.